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Routine dental care is important for a wide-spectrum of reasons; not just for a whiter smile. Visiting a dentist every 6 months for regular exams and cleanings is critical in maintaining a healthier smile.

Without routine visits to the dentist, you're putting yourself at risk for health problems like heart disease, stroke, and even cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

These illnesses take years to develop but when caused by poor oral care and hygiene, typically stem from gum disease. Gum disease is avoidable with regular trips to an Allen Maryland dentist.

A Visit to the Dentist

Some people fear trips to the dentist, but visiting the dentist is nothing to be fearful of when you're in the hands of Dr. Rick Dawson. In our office, we make you feel at home and our entire staff is attentive to your needs. Whether you're here for a simple exam or you're getting prepared for restoration, we'll make sure you're at ease before sitting in the dentist chair.

See below for a list of some of the dental services that we provide:

  • Composite Fillings: These are ideal for chipped and broken teeth, or teeth with deep crevices.
  • Porcelain: Crowns; Fixed Bridges; Veneers
  • Dental Implants: If you're considering a dental implant, you'll be pleased to know that dental implants are hard to detect and look natural.
  • Tooth Whitening: Have you had a bad experience attempting to whiten your teeth at home? Let us help you to brighten and whiten your smile with professional tooth whitening treatments!
  • Restorations: Full-restorations are ideal for anyone with extensive damage.

Allen Maryland Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have a smile that's in need of attention from an Allen Maryland dentist, we invite you to contact us for a visit with Dr. Rick Dawson. This office specializes in modern dentistry and the restoration of patient self-confidence through the foundation of a new smile.

We want you to contact us right away if you're experiencing any of the following:

  • Damaged Teeth: Chipped, Cracked, Broken, Decayed
  • Cavity Pain or Any Type of Oral Pain
  • Gum Disease: Signs may include bleeding gums when brushing, bad breath, and receding gums.

To schedule a visit with Allen Maryland dentist, Dr. Rick Dawson, contact our office today!

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What our patients are saying...

"Thank you Dr Dawson for understanding my fears and always being so patient and kind! There is not another dentist in the world I would go to other than you!" M. Wheatley