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When it comes to your smile, oral health and dental care are the keys. Without good dental services, there may be no point in smiling for long. While many people put off visiting a dentist whether out of fear or due to a bad previous experience, this only leads to more problems down the road. Fortunately, Dr. Rick Dawson is the right dental implant dentist in Salisbury.

Experience and training are the backbone of dentistry, but clinical skill and trust are every bit as important when it comes to your teeth and gums. With advances in dentistry, such as implants and the increasingly-popular cosmetic procedures, finding a dentist that you feel confident in and comfortable with to handle the entire family's dental needs can be as simple as a call to Dr. Rick Dawson if you are in or near Salisbury, Maryland.

The dental practice of Dr. Rick Dawson offers an experienced and highly-trained staff to help you with your dental implants. From friendly front office personnel to reassuring and capable hygienists, the staff at Dr. Dawson's office will make you comfortable and accommodate your needs. Whether setting an appointment, routine cleanings, X-rays, or undergoing a dental implant procedure, you are surrounded by caring, skilled professionals.

As people age, their dental needs typically increase. Whether dentures, crowns, or dental implants, Dr. Dawson is experienced and able to help with these issues. As an implant dentist in Salisbury, Dr. Rick Dawson is ready to explain the process in-depth and help the patient throughout the process. Implants can restore teeth lost due to injury, disease, or other reasons. An implant is essentially an artificial root which is attached onto or into the jaw bone. This allows a crown or bridge to be securely placed where the tooth or teeth used to be. This not only helps the appearance of the patient, but can prevent further dental issues like shifting teeth or additional tooth loss.

Dr. Dawson also offers state-of-the-art tooth whitening and veneers to help make your smile the best it can be. From routine dental care to the replacing of lost teeth, finding the right person for your Salisbury implant dentist and routine dentistry needs is as simple as getting in touch with Dr. Rick Dawson and his helpful office staff. Call us today for additional information on dental implants in Salisbury or to schedule an appointment.

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"Thank you Dr Dawson for understanding my fears and always being so patient and kind! There is not another dentist in the world I would go to other than you!" M. Wheatley