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Have you suffered from some type of accident that has led to one, or more, of your teeth being knocked out? Have you had a toothache for several days that has hindered your ability to sleep or eat properly? Did one of your fillings of dental crowns fall out? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, chances are you are in need of the services of a Salisbury emergency dentist, such as Dr. Rick Dawson.

Put simply, an emergency dentist is a type of specialist or general dentist that is available to provide immediate care, no matter if it is two in the morning or in the afternoon. While there is not great time to have a dental emergency, when you know of an emergency dental service, you can feel confident that someone will be available for assistance when it is needed.

There is no question that everyone will have a different threshold for pain. However, if you have had a toothache that has been hurting for several days, or even longer, it is likely time to call on the services of an emergency dentist. This pain that you have been experiencing may be the result of tooth decay, or in an even worse situations, a dental abscess. When you seek the services of an emergency dentist in Salisbury they will be able to reduce and even eliminate the pain that you are experiencing, while preventing the problem from becoming worse.

The sooner that you seek for a tooth that has been knocked out or broken, the higher chance that they will be able to save it. In order to preserve the tooth that has been knocked out, it should be placed in a glass or milk, or back into the socket, if possible. If you have a lost dental filling or crown, then you should use a piece of gum, that is sugarless, to fill in the gap, and then head to an emergency service right away.

There is no question that dental accidents occur every day; however, there is no reason that you have to suffer through when you can seek the services of an emergency dentist.

The majority of people that need emergency dental services will put off the appointment for fear of the dentist chiding them over the actual condition of their teeth. However, there are some cases that the condition will become so painful that seeking the services of an emergency dentist will be the only available option. Don’t put off dental care, chances are it will only lead to a much more serious problem, which continues to get worse. Emergency dental services are available to provide you with relief and comfort allowing you to avoid pain and discomfort.

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