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There are a large number of people that experience anxiety, or even fear, when facing a dental teeth cleaning. However, when you are more informed about what to expect during your dental checkup and cleaning, it can help to ease your worries and calm your nerves. Here you will find a basic outline of what to expect when you visit a dentist for teeth cleaning in Salisbury.

In most cases, there is no pain or discomfort associated with a dental cleaning. This means that even people with fear of the dentist, or tooth sensitivity, can have their teeth cleaned without serious issues. The actual procedure will take from 30 minutes to one hour. If the procedure is part of a patient’s yearly checkup then the dentist may also take a series of x-rays in order to check for any presence of cavities.

A dental hygienist will perform the majority of the dental cleaning process with the actual dentist taking a last look or removing some especially stubborn areas of plaque. At this point the dentist will also evaluate a patient’s gums for any signs of gum disease.

There is no type of pain medication needed for a dental cleaning in Salisbury; however, some patients that have extreme anxiety related to the visit may be given nitrous oxide.

Tools Used During Tooth Cleaning in Salisbury

There are a number of different tools that will be used by a dental hygienist during the cleaning procedure, which include a tooth scaler and polisher. The polisher is used to buff and then eliminate any small pieces of plaque that are present. There are several different sizes that can be used to reach the hidden areas. Scalers resemble small metal hooks that are specially designed to remove any signs of plaque, especially the areas between the teeth. Another common tool is the device that will shoot water into the mouth, which allows the plaque to be removed.

During the tooth cleaning process, the dentist will also ask about how often a patient brushes and flosses at home and lecture patients about their teeth cleaning habits if they have large amounts of plaque present on their teeth. If a patient is caring for their teeth properly at home, and still have a significant amount of plaque buildup, this may indicate a need for more frequent cleanings.

A tooth cleaning procedure is recommended to take place at least twice a year to prevent serious problems and for your dentist to recgonize any signs of serious problems such as gum disease or peridontal issues.

If you need to schedule a dental checkup, contact the office of Dr. Rick Dawson, who can discuss needs and ensure that you have great oral health and no underlying issues that need attention or treatment.

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