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How Do Stains Develop On Teeth?

Getting a whiter smile may take just a simple trip to a Salisbury teeth whitening dentist, but keeping your teeth sparkling between visits requires more care. Understanding how stains and yellowing develops is the only way to prevent these problems from setting in just a few months after a treatment. While an in-office whitening can remove decade old stains, it is still better for the teeth to stay white naturally and receive as little lightening as possible. Discussing your teeth with Dr. Rick Dawson can help you stretch out the months and years between visits for whitening.

Exterior And Interior Stains

Some yellowing arrives from the outside of the enamel, while other sources trigger color changes from the inside out. Both can be treated with the same kind of professional service from a Salisbury teeth whitening dentist. Exterior causes of stains include:

The daily consumption of dark-colored beverages, including cola, coffee, and black tea. Acids and tannins in these drinks further contribute to the staining problem.

The smoking of cigarettes and cigars, or the use of smokeless tobacco products. Nicotine is one of the most common yellowing agents that can make sparkling white turn dull very quickly.

Deposits from food that haven't been completely removed. Forgetting to brush can stain the teeth in addition to increasing the risk of cavities and other infections.

Interior stains are a little more complex. However, they still have a good chance of disappearing with professional teeth whitening in Salisbury MD. Causes of these stains include:

Overuse or consumption of fluoride. You can overdo it with mouthwashes and tooth pastes, so ask your dentist before adding too many products to your daily routine.

The natural aging process. As you grow older, the tooth material naturally tends to turn a yellowish brown color and responds less dramatically to the treatments. Whitening can reverse it, but only to a certain extent in patients enjoying their golden years.

Use of antibiotics and other medications, including tetracycline. The body's reaction to certain medications can leave you with darker teeth.

Trauma. A blow to the tooth or a crack that only mars the surface leaves it standing out from the rest of the crowd, requiring selective bleaching.

Adding To The Damage

Of course, there are many other dental issues that contribute to the creation of stains without causing them outright. Allowing a tooth grinding habit to go unchecked wears away at your enamel, letting in more staining particles and helping them stick to a roughened surface. Poor diet and a lack of nutrients can weaken the enamel and the dentin below. Finally, some people just have very translucent teeth. It is the construction and condition of each tooth that determines exactly how well it will respond to safe whitening and bleaching practices. To schedule your Salisbury teeth whitening procedure contact Dr. Rick Dawson today.

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